Why should you have a Will?

Dying Intestate

Wills. You’re never rich enough to live (or die) without one.

Every day we speak with people from all walks of life about their Estate Planning documents, including your parents, the barista preparing your coffee or your kids primary school teacher. No matter who you are, regardless of your identity, age or status, everyone needs to get their affairs in order, to address the uncertainty of life.

Whilst the requirement for Estate Planning is necessary for everyone, the importance of having these documents in place increases significantly as a person’s wealth grows and/or their personal circumstances become more complicated.

Unexpectedly, it is often those who are at the top of the food chain who frequently have the least effective or even non-existent Estate Planning documents, which causes enormous suffering for your loved ones as well as everyone else who relies on you ‘when the time comes’.

It is imperative to consider carefully what you would like to occur ‘when the time comes’.

  • If you have minor children, who would you appoint as their guardian to ensure proper care?
  • Who relies on you for financial security, e.g., spouses, children, or any other family members?
  • Have you reviewed Estate Planning documents in the last 3 years? Do they reflect your current wishes?
  • Have your current circumstances changed? Any changes to your family structures, finances, or the current law? Perhaps you have launched a new business?


To help navigate the legal intricacies, seek advice from legal professionals who focus on Estate Planning. We can ensure efficient, and suitable documents that capture all your unique needs.

Nothing is more distressing than witnessing a family struggle to come to terms with unsophisticated, open-ended, and ineffective documents, that could also put them in danger of legal challenges and litigation.

Castrikum Adams Legal will put your documents in order, so there is no mistaking your intentions when you are no longer here to express them.