When I Leave a Retirement Village or Aged Care Facility?

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Transitioning into a retirement village or aged care facility can be (and often is) a very stressful and unnerving time in one’s life. There are numerous things to consider, and they often pile on top of what is already a hard decision.

Unfortunately, what people don’t often contemplate when moving in, is what will happen when they move out. Time and time again we see clients who were well aware of their rights when they moved in, but had no idea what awaited them when they moved out (by choice or due to death).

Even more heartbreaking is when a grieving family of someone who has passed and is forced to deal with the (often astronomical) fees that are deducted (on your departure) from the retirement village or aged care facility.

In this situation, knowledge is the key to making sure your “exit” is not only understood, but also as smooth as possible for you and your loved ones.

At Castrikum Adams Legal, we can help you and your family to understand your rights when the day comes for you to leave your retirement village or aged care facility.