Transition into Aged Care

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Entering an aged care facility can often be associated with a decline in physical health, loss of independence, loss of personal significant objects and belongings, and can result in relocation distress syndrome.

With a myriad of aged care facilities to choose from (including some which have had a bad rap in recent times eg AVEO), it is not surprising that the whole process can be daunting and confusing.

Add to that: ACAT assessments, accommodation bonds and payment regimes, pension asset threshold, village contracts and leases, departure fees and capital losses……argghhhh!

We aim to assist a positive transition into aged care which can improve an older person’s resilience, and their capacity to adapt and embrace their new environment.

At Castrikum Adams Legal, we understand what it means to you to maintain your dignity, self-worth and sense of place in society. Let us assist you to navigate the process so you can enjoy a positive experience transitioning into aged care.