The Danger of Online Wills


In today’s environment, we have endless access to a vast amount of information via the internet. The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated demand for online services and drastically changed the environment for creating and signing documents digitally.

However, when it comes to preparing and signing your Will, trading quality for costs and convenience wont always be in your best interest. Online Wills have become popular however what may appear to be a simple and inexpensive substitute for a more convenient service may contain hidden risks.

Are Online Wills all they live up to be? They offer the promise of a cheap, ’legally’ valid document as an alternative to getting your Will drafted by a professional lawyer who is experienced in the area of Succession Law and Estate Planning.

Online Wills quite often are problematic and cannot cater to each person’s unique circumstances, especially in relation to assets and the very different definitions we have of a modern family we have today. With creating an online will, you run the risk of not receiving proper legal advice to ensure your Will and wishes are honoured.

There is a risk that the ՚hard copy՚ of the document is not signed and witnessed correctly, risking your estate being caught up in litigation and the potential of losing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The initial drafted electronic version of an online Will is not a legally binding document. Many people can get it wrong and fail executing the document in accordance with the law, making your Will invalid.

If your online Will is deemed invalid, a Court may refer to a previous Will which may not reflect your most recent testamentary wishes. If your online Will is ambiguous, your loved ones may be forced to go to Court to obtain orders to interpret the Online Will.

Castrikum Adams Legal is an experienced law firm, we take great care in our client’s estate planning and ensure they receive personalised service that heavily considers their unique circumstances and specific wishes.

Don’t risk the wealth you have spent your lifetime building.