Estate Planning & Pensioners Assets Test

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Think about the value of your combined assets…

Most likely you and your partner are under the threshold of the pensioner assets test, or at least if you are over the threshold; you still get a part pension inclusive of the “extras” such as discounted rego, pharmacy items etc. 

Pensioner discounts add up to some big savings when calculated over your pension years.

But what if your partner dies and their property passes to you, pushing you over the threshold of the pensioner assets test for a single person. Not only have you lost your partner, but you may also stand to lose your pension and the “extras” that go with it. 

How would you cope financially? 

The best solution for this problem is to prepare for it in advance.

If you need to review your Will, or have concerns about pensioner assets thresholds; please call Castrikum Adams Legal.  We understand, and we’re here to help!