Do You Love Your Builder?

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But more importantly, does your builder love you?

The building industry has become a legalistic minefield in recent times. We constantly see the differing views of what the “builder / home owner” relationship should entail, and how to effectively convey this in your building contract, so that both parties are working together to build your dream home.

The commercial reality is that sometimes your “dream home” is just another job where there is pressure on the builder to increase profit margins and decrease build times. This can lead to a reduction in the quality of building work, and an escalation in the complicated nature of building contracts.

Whilst not every builder meets this description (sometimes the homeowner is the problem), it’s important to know where you stand when investing in the home you have been dreaming of for years.

At Castrikum Adams Legal we can assist you to understand your rights and obligations before, during and after the building of your dream home.