Resilient Homes Program

The Resilient Homes Program (RHP) will offer eligible homeowners one of the three available measures, based on expert property assessments, flood impact severity data, safety risks and potential future flood levels: Home buybacks – the homeowner receives a payment for the purchase of their house and land, or Home raising – funding is committed to elevate liveable […]

Getting Older & Getting into the Workforce

The experience of a 9-5 job. Last week, we had the pleasure of having Ivy in our office for her work experience, here’s what she had to say: I do have an after school job but it’s a pretty relaxed job where I don’t have to be there on a set time or have a […]

Foreign Persons and Temporary Residents Purchase of Residential Land in New South Wales

Are you a foreign investor or temporary resident wishing to purchase residential property in Australia? If that is you, before making offers on properties, you need to determine not only whether you can purchase residential property in Australia but also what costs are involved. Foreign purchasers are generally prohibited from purchasing established dwellings, with exceptions. […]

Shared Equity Home Buyer Helper

Shared Equity Home Buyer Helper is a NSW Government initiative to help eligible home buyers purchase their own home with as little as a 2% deposit. Through Shared Equity Home Buyer Helper, the NSW Government is supporting and creating opportunities for lower income single parents, older singles and first home buyer workers to live in […]

Gone Phishing – Is Your Money at Risk?

In this cyber world we live in, we all need to be aware of how to protect ourselves from scams.  Most people are receiving and sending emails every day; often providing their personal details, accounts, and banking information. These everyday actions are what cyber-criminals look for and all parties within this communication are at risk […]