Blended Families and Will Making

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Common issues that arise when making a Will are: how to leave your estate to your spouse and prevent children or stepchildren from making a claim on your estate, and how to leave your estate (predominantly to your spouse); whilst ensuring your children benefit on the death of your spouse.

It’s been years since the attitude of, “it’s my stuff, I can leave it to whoever I like”, has been acceptable. The duty to ‘adequately’ provide for your beneficiaries must be given very careful consideration, if you want to minimise the risk of a Family Provision Claim against your estate.

Leaving children a ‘token amount’ does not prevent them from making a claim on your estate. Sometimes, this can be like ‘waving a red flag’ in front of a bull.

Family Provision Claims can be expensive, stressful, antagonistic and disappointing; and costs are often borne by the estate.

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