Understanding the Risks of Retirement Village Leasing

15th July 2024  Retirement villages offer a promise of peaceful living and a community-oriented lifestyle for many retirees. At Castrikum Adams Legal we are experienced in navigating these complexities to protect the rights of residents.   A recent ABC article featuring Geoff Gauci’s experience at Lifestyle Communities in Melbourne highlights the significant challenges faced by residents […]

Voluntary Assisted Dying Laws and Your Appointment of Enduring Guardian

young adult holding elderly adult hand

10th July 2024 In recent years, Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) legislation has become an increasingly debated topic in Australia. The ACT has just become the latest Australian jurisdictions to pass Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation. This is set to come into effect on November 3, 2025. Understanding how these laws can impact estate planning, particularly concerning […]

Top Communication Tips when using a Lawyer 

1st July 2024 At Castrikum Adams Legal, we pride ourselves on clear communication that our clients can easily understand, free from unnecessary legal jargon. Effective communication and collaboration are essential for navigating legal challenges successfully. Below are some additional tips that you can follow to ensure a seamless service with your lawyer.     1. Be […]

Understanding the Key Differences Between a Lease and a Licence

21st June, 2024 When it comes to using premises, both leases and licences offer ways to grant rights, but there are significant legal distinctions between the two that should be understood before entering an agreement.  Lease Agreement: A lease provides a lessee with exclusive possession of a property for a specific period. Essential characteristics of a […]

Understanding Employment Contracts in New South Wales

10th June, 2024 An employment contract is a necessary agreement between an employer and an employee, outlining the terms and conditions of the job. It can be either written or verbal and includes essential details such as pay, work hours, and leave entitlements. This contract ensures both parties are aware of their rights and responsibilities, […]

Binding Death Benefit Nomination

28th May, 2024 What Happens to Your Superannuation When You Die? When planning your estate, it’s crucial to understand that your superannuation is not automatically included in your Will. This means that the beneficiaries named in your Will might not receive the benefits from your super fund unless you take specific actions. Binding vs. Non-Binding […]

Understanding Australian Consumer Law for Small Businesses

20th May, 2024 The Australian Consumer Law (ACL), contained in Schedule 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act, serves as a vital framework to protect consumers, and regulate business practices across the country. Administered together by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and state and territory consumer protection agencies, the ACL applies to all […]

Essential Steps to Launch your Business

Birdseye view of meeting table

17th May, 2024 Are you planning to launch your own business but don’t know where to start? Beginning a business venture requires significant time and planning so a corporate lawyer can be an invaluable resource to have by your side during this process. A corporate lawyer can offer tailored insights addressing your business needs, spanning […]

Dealing with Strata Disputes

10th May, 2024 Dealing with strata disputes in New South Wales (NSW) can be complex, but understanding the process can help you navigate through it efficiently. Strata disputes involve disagreements between owners of lots in a strata scheme, the owners corporation (previously known as ‘body corporate’), strata committee, managing agent, building manager, or other interested […]

What is Probate in NSW

12th April, 2024 A Grant of Probate is a legal document issued by the Supreme Court of New South Wales. When a Grant of Probate is received, the Court recognises the validity of a Will and the executor of a Will to deal with the estate in accordance with the deceased person’s Will. This involves […]